Red River College Yearbooks

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Red River College Yearbooks


A digital collection of Red River College yearbooks. 

Disclaimer: The yearbooks held by Red River College, including those yearbooks that are available in this digital library, are historical in nature and contain language or depictions of people representative of their time. This may include problematic wording, cultural references or depictions, and stereotypes that are no longer used today or appropriate today. Language and depictions in the yearbooks have been maintained in their original form preserving the context in which the yearbooks were created. This approach, while potentially upsetting for some, does allow for the critical assessment and questioning of such materials by those that choose to review or research them.


1966-1990. Note: Red River did not publish yearbooks after 1990.


Stephen Farr

This is a great collection. I do see a gap for 1986-87, however. You have 1985-86 and 1987-88, but are missing that year.

Is there any chance you can scan it and upload it? 

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